Really Rich Project

Das Really Rich Project

 Wir zeigen wie reich du wirklich bist.

Die wichtigsten Werte

Rang Glücklich-Macher Wert in Pfund Wert in Euro
1. Gute Gesundheit 180.589 210.379
2. „Ich liebe Dich“ hören 164.921 192.126
3. Feste Beziehung 154.849 180.445
4. Leben in einem friedlichen Land 129.448 150.801
5. Kinder 123.592 143.979
6. Zeit mit der Familie 110.047 128.192
7. Lachen 108.021 125.840
8. Sex 105.210 122.565
9. Urlaub 91.759 106.895
10. Ruhe 89.828 104.646


It’s time to stop thinking about what we’ve lost, and focus on what we still have instead

The credit crunch is one of those once in a generation moments when everyone stops to think about what things are really worth.

Consumerism has ruled for the past few decades and we’d all become, in one way or another, hooked on money.

But is there actually more to life than this?

Whether it is life balance or bank balance, the fact is we need a new currency.

The Really Rich team went out and asked people how happy they were and what would actually help to make them happier. And whether it’s because they are just sick of watching the pound plummet or whether the penny has actually dropped, very few mentioned money.

Instead people focused on family occasions, hanging with friends, quiet time on their own, seeing grandchildren and visiting places they had never seen before. Moments that they would never trade for anything, experiences that were described as priceless.

And for the first time ever, thanks to the Really Rich team, we (and now you) can now put a value on those „priceless“ experiences.

This website and the Really Rich book are all about this new value system.

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